Polydroso ice rink in Marousi

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There have been numerous times while talking with you on a daily basis, that we look back on the old days and the beautiful moments we have all spent at the big, permanent ice rink of Polydroso. Although it has stopped its operation since 2003, in all of our hearts it has remained as the most hospitable place for practicing our favorite sport. The administration of ICE ARENA, which was back then in charge of the management of the rink in Polydroso, makes a genuine and hard effort to build a new, modern and permanent ice rink, according to European standards, and seeks to create a friendly and ideal environment for parents and their children to follow this beautiful sport.

This effort is also aspired and inspired thanks to all of you who embrace every year the ice skating rinks of ICE ARENA, and the best way to repay this loyalty back to you is by creating a permanent ice rink in our country, which has been lacking since the years of Polydroso. The ice rink of Polydroso Maroussi has been a beloved multiplex area, where our skating friends were entertained in a daily basis, either to enjoy the sport of ice skating or roller skating. The two relaxing lounge areas, equipped with a fireplace and many decorative elements, created a unique atmosphere, reminiscent of traditional "chalets", which had nothing to envy from ice rinks abroad. This warmth and relaxing atmosphere could be also felt in the rest of the dining and coffee areas, which were ideal for the parents who wished to keep track of their children and enjoy themselves at the same time.

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The best reward for all this hard work all those years, apart from all of your smiles, was the organizing of the official competitions of the Hellenic Ice Sports Federation. Athletes from across the country, including members of the national team of figure skating and hockey, met at the Polydroso ice rink, which met all the required specifications for such events. Besides, most of these athletes' training base was located at the Polydroso rink, where they practiced on a daily basis and had the chance to work with some of the biggest names in the figure skating coaching sector.

Another important element that showed the prestige of the Polydroso ice rink was the great number of requests from advertising agencies to use the establishments of the ice rink for various commercials and many other events, cultural, social or business, since the element of ice is quite original and spectacular for such activities. Numerous times the athletes of the ice rink had the chance to entertain the audiences and fans of the sport by presenting spectacular shows, especially during the winter holidays, making this way more colorful and vivid the city life of Athens. All these events were initiated of course by the administration of the ice rink, known to all of us today as ICE ARENA.

So our dream is to create a new permanent "nest of ice skating" which, together with all of you, will recreate the unforgettable moments we spent together at the rink Polydroso all those years. At present, the seasonal ice rinks of ICE ARENA all over Greece are waiting all of you for lots of dancing on ice every winter season! We hope to be able soon to embrace all our skating friends with an ice rink worthy of your love.

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